We all have our favorite things. All of my friends know that I am passionate about a few certain things, theology, contemplative practices, and of course, coffee. This page brings together these and a few more of my favorite things. I like to call them resources, because maybe some of my favorites will become your favorites, just by being introduced to them here.

Click, explore, enjoy, and make some new favorites for yourself.

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cup of coffee with steam risingI have been a coffee lover for over 25 years, and a coffee home roaster for ten years. There are few things I enjoy more than sharing a cup of coffee with family or friends. Below are a few coffee roasting companies that I highly recommend. Not only do they sell exceptional roasted coffee, they also sell green (unroasted) coffee.

•  Klatch Coffee Roasting
•  Temple Coffee Roasters
•  Sweet Maria’s Coffee

As I mentioned above, I am passionate about sharing a cup of coffee with others. So much so, that I’m building a news, information, and learning website focused on coffee, and occasionally other brewed beverages. Sharethebrew.com will be launching soon. We will announce it here and through other and through other media outlets.


An image is worth a thousand words, for sure! Also, a good image can be hard to find. When looking for an image I always hit these guys up first — unsplash.com.

They have both free and paid images that are curated by photographers from around the world. It’s rare that I have to look elsewhere when searching for photos. Give them a try. Here’s my profile, @brookfonceca.

Productivity Software

When you’re working with partners and groups, you need a way to share information about your mutual projects. Nozbe is great at managing information, schedules, resources, and more.Nozbe_logo_normal

If you are interested in being on the same page with the people you work with, then click here and get 10% off when you sign-up with Nozbe! I think your team will be glad you did!

Evernote logo

Evernote. What’s not to say about Evernote. I’ve been an Evernote user for many years. I use it to store everything from ideas for blog posts, talks, and books to recipes and articles and even shared folders for collaboration. It’s a powerhouse, especially at the Premium level. Click here to get one month of Premium for free.


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Great clothes at a good price and fresh styles delivered monthly to your doorstep. Menlo Club curates men’s fashion in a variety of styles and tastes. When you subscribe, you get to set your style preferences. Everything I have received from them looks great and fits well. I hope you have the same experience. Click here to get $30 off your first package.