In His Keep

Last Sunday was incredible!  We had a great time singing together and Pastor Stuart’s message is life changing (if you so desire).  Click here to listen.  Also, Jamey & Kendra Irwin brought an amazing end to summer with a neighborhood slip-n-slide party.  All the kids (young & old) had a blast!  I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday as we continue to explore the Essential Jesus.


In His Keep 


My encouragement this week from Numbers 6:22-27 is simple.  We will look at the second half of the first phrase of the blessing, “The LORD bless you and keep you.”  Just as we saw last week, the Lord’s blessing is conditional upon our receiving it.  So it is with his keeping.  He is strong to keep us if we will remain in his hands.  I believe it really is that simple.  His grace is sufficient.


Grace and peace,


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