The Gift of Peace

I have been enjoying the family emphasis of our worship gatherings, or should I say family gatherings.  This weekend my parents are visiting from Seattle and as much as I love reconnecting with them, it’s fun to watch my children get reacquainted with them.  For the older ones it is, of course, easier, because relationship has already been established.  For the younger ones, there is still some establishing work to be done, but it’s nothing that a long weekend won’t fix.  The thing I love about our church family is that I know that not only will my parents get a warm welcome, so will those visiting or re-visiting.  
Thank you. 


The Gift of Peace

“the LORD turn his face toward you 
   and give you peace.”

Numbers 6:26 (NIV)


The goal of this priestly blessing we’ve been exploring over the last six weeks is peace.  In having the priests speak this over the people of Israel God is reminding them of his covenant with them that finds its fulfillment in peace.  It’s a story that goes like this:

I have a good word for you.  I want to be your God.  Will you be my people?  Will you let me take care of you?  You are the delight of my heart.  Will you let me help you?  When I look at you will you look back?  Will you walk with me and live within the bounds of my peace?

For much of this last week I did not experience God’s peace.  The main reason was because I was not willing to live my life in God, but rather navigate my life according to my own strength and understanding.  I don’t recommend it.  If I read this blessing right, the peace of God comes through an open, integral, and submitted relationship with him.  He is offering us all of himself if we do the same.  This may not seem like a gift if it comes with such a condition, but we need to realize that peace is the fruit of a mutual giving of self.  God didn’t promise it would be easy, but we know it is good and  worth the effort.  May he be your peace.


Grace and peace,


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