2012 – The Year of Building Bridges

This was supposed to be posted last weekend, but due to traveling, it got overlooked. My apologies.

With the turning of the calendar for a new year, there is the expectation of many things beginning afresh. It is a time of reflection and reorientation. I pray that the Lord would direct you as you ponder what the new year means for you.


The newsletter articles for 2011, for the most part, all focused on some aspect of the church. In 2012 I seek to write weekly on the theme of building bridges. This theme will primarily focus on the Gospel, but not always. Two aspects of building bridges are loving God and loving others. Pastor Stuart and I had discussed this late last year and coined the terms “making Jesus accessible” (loving others) and “being with God” (loving God). To personalize this for me, I put them together, “making Jesus accessible by being with God.” These two aspects are so integrally connected that you can’t fully do one without the other. So, as I write this year on building bridges, I will have all this in mind. 


Looking forward to 2012 my reflection for reorientation will be integrating these thoughts into the different aspects of my life and my family’s life. Again, I pray that the Lord leads your thoughts and prayers for reorientation in the new year.


Grace and peace,


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