Spanning the Gap: The Power of Making Meaningful Connections

Last week I wrote on making bridges accessible, but if we leave it at that stage, it is the same as “build it and they will come.” With the multiplicity of options and demands for our time and attention, “build it and they will come” just doesn’t work. If we are to build bridges to the kingdom, then we must count the cost of personal involvement. I think we would be amazed if we could see all the bridges we’ve erected over the ages that are unused, never used, or incomplete. I wrote a few weeks ago that togetherness is the material for building bridges and that being with God gives our bridges their integrity. It’s one thing to bring someone into our community, but if there is not a personal relationship with members of that community, then the next step of community to kingdom will most likely not happen.


Here at VLC, we have stripped away a lot of cultural and religious layers with the hope of making Jesus accessible in our gathering and events. We have also built quite a few bridges into the surrounding community. As these bridges are used more frequently and consistently the next step is to introduce people to the King. This point in the process is critical and requires that we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. People generally don’t want religion. They want to experience God. We can give them a list of cultural and religious to do to, or we can usher them to Jesus and let him show them what they need to do. Let’s walk along side our family and friends, loving God by loving them, making Jesus accessible.


Grace and peace,


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