First, Be Human: To Yourself

Last night I was at a parents’ meeting for Cub Scouts. My two oldest boys will be in the Scouting program this year. While the Cubmaster was listing the requirements for parents of Scouts, he said something to this effect, “I know we live in the Silicon Valley, and that we are all busy. If you think you are too busy to volunteer to help out in your son’s Cub Scout pack, then maybe you need to take a look at your life to see where you are too busy.” His challenge caused me to take stock of my life’s activities. Even though I am busy, my wife and I are aware of our limitations and seek to not over extend ourselves. But, in a lot of ways, I treat myself as if I am a machine. I inundate myself with information (reading books and  blogs, and listening to lectures, sermons, and interviews) most of which I won’t ever do anything with, and the flow is unending. And, this is only one of a few areas like this.


This morning I was reflecting on this and felt that God was saying to me that to the same extent I want people to treat me humanly, I need to do the same for myself. (This is a continuation of my thoughts in last week’s newsletter.) We are not machines, animals, or gods. We are humans created in God’s image. Then I felt God say to me, “Relax, live well, and love well.” (again, Luke 10:27) It is easy to let life run away with us, but we don’t have to let it. 


Grace and peace,


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