God and Trash

But God chose what the world considers foolish to shame the wise. God chose what the world considers weak to shame the strong. And God chose what the world considers low- class and low- life-what is considered to be nothing-to reduce what is considered to be something to nothing. So no human being can brag in God’s presence. 

(1 Corinthians 1:27-29)


I’ve heard a quote a few times in the last few months that goes something like this.

“When God wants to reveal something new, he usually uses a trash heap as his canvas.” 


A few things have brought this back to my attention: conversations, experiences, and Advent (yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas). My experience in general is that we want God to show up in some magnificent fashion or speak to us through someone we deem as special. But what I’ve learned lately is that God can be found in the least likely places and situations. It is easy to say that when God shows up in power, it is nothing of us that we could brag about. But our hearts betray us, thinking I must be special to get that kind of response from God. But when we discover God in the “trash heaps” of our lives, we are humbled that he would even care to show up. Lately I’ve been finding God in my “trash heaps.” And, not by anything worthy I’ve done, except that I keep looking, believing, and hoping that God again would meet me, transforming my brokenness into something beautiful. 


In reference to Advent, we must always remember that Jesus came to us in the most meager of ways, and it changed the world forever.


Grace and peace,



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