Looking Back as We Move Forward

I have enjoyed the writings I’ve shared this year. The theme of the articles for 2012 was “Building Bridges.” We started out by seeing that building bridges to Jesus and the kingdom of God come about when we make Jesus accessible by loving people. We ranged far and wide within this topic, finishing up by celebrating Advent through the theme of community


What I have taken away from this year of building bridges is that in order to see lives changed, connections made, and God’s kingdom advanced, it begins with me. I need to humble myself before God and man. I need to make the first step in building and/or repairing relationships. I need to seek change in myself before encouraging it in others. In the counter-intuitive, upside down ways of the kingdom, God’s grace is given to the humble, mercy to the sinner, strength to the weak. When we see what needs to be done, but don’t know how, God is there to make the difference. And, it usually comes in the grace of someone showing love in Jesus’ name. 


I pray that in the next year, we continue to build on the things we’ve learned. 


Grace and peace,



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