Embracing Trust: On Making Our Faith Relational

I read a blog post this morning titled, Why I Don’t Believe In God Anymore. The title is potentially inflammatory, but it piqued my interest, nonetheless. The main thing I took from it is that beliefs are not relational, trust is. Do we believe in God or do we trust him?


I chatted with a friend over breakfast about this. His response was that the Pharisees had all the right beliefs in place, yet they didn’t trust God. They trusted in what they believed about God. Through Jesus, God was in their midst, yet they couldn’t see it, because Jesus didn’t line up neatly with their belief system.


Please know that I am “looking in the mirror” as I write this. The author of the blog laid down this challenge, “Try it. Which is harder to say? I believe in God or I trust God?” The religionist in me is grasping to believe in the right things. But, there is a part in me that longs to trust God. Trust God by actually following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Trust God by actually loving my neighbor. Trust God by actually being Jesus in my world. I could go on, but I think you get the point.


May our love for Jesus lead us beyond simply believing the right things to a place of truly trusting God.


Grace and peace,


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