Embracing Responsibility: Putting Feet to Our Faith

In the talk I gave last week at VLC, I gave a personal example of how God was realigning my expectations. It all started when Pastor Stuart shared with me that he was taught to “step out in faith” when God’s leading felt uncomfortable. I mentioned that I had never heard that before. Rather, I was taught just the opposite, “Don’t step out in faith until you feel peace.” Of course, you can feel peace in the midst of calamity, and God has given us common sense so that we don’t do something stupid or dangerous. Both of these axioms are points of reference in how we are to discern God’s direction.

My point here is that I had defaulted to a position of indecision and inactivity, because I had built my faith around the belief that I couldn’t go forward without a sign, confirmation, or a good feeling.

What I have discovered lately is that faith requires action. When I wait for that “peaceful, easy feeling” and call it faith, it is just the opposite. It’s not faith, it’s fear. Faith is when we take responsibility for our life in Christ, actively living as Jesus in the world.

The first step in taking responsibility is to be responsive. For me this means that when I hear God ask me to do something, my first response is to figure out what the first step is, instead of waiting for a confirmation. It also means that I keep my heart responsive to those around me. Responsibility is an act of faith.

I pray that as we open our heart to God that he would open our eyes to discover ways to respond with Christ’s love. Thanks for listening.

Grace and peace,

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