An Advent Reflection for November 29, 2015, the First Sunday of Advent

votivesThis Sunday begins the season of Advent. Traditionally, Advent is the time that Christians revisit the story of the birth of Jesus. This story, though, doesn’t begin with Mary and Joseph and the angels. It actually begins in the book of Genesis and continues all the way through the Old Testament and is culminated in the stories that the Gospel writers share with us in the New Testament.

The back-story in the Old Testament unfolds through prophecies or foretellings that speak of a Messiah who will deliver the people of Israel from captivity to other nations and to the sins that continue to bring them down. These foretellings brought hope to God’s people throughout the ages. This hope was fulfilled in the coming of Jesus as God with us. Now as we retell the story, we too can bring hope to those close to us that God is with us and will continue with us until all things are made right in Christ.

As we begin this Advent season, I pray that your hearts will be filled with hope as you experience the closeness of Jesus and are able to share that with those close to you!

Grace and peace,

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